Free art project.

This is a project for testing and disseminating belief.

Free samples of a gold paper fortune teller that is completely blank except for one inner panel are available for the viewer to take. The fortune is small (precious) in scale. Only those who take a fortune, and are persistent with playing the childhood "fortune" game associated with the object for its own sake discover the prediction hidden inside. The prediction is almost too optimistic to believe, (your heart's desire, the good life, etc..) and yet, having suspended belief this far, I tempt the audience to believe it anyway.


At the FREE MANIFESTA HEADQUARTERS. Each fortune will be packaged flat in a clear ziplock jeweler's bag. A label on the front will show a closed, 3D fortune. A shoe-box sized card-board display case will feature a spokesmodel (myself in eveningwear) offering a velvet tray of fortunes to the viewer (see enclosed image).


I am a Chicago-based performance installation artist. My work is concerned with what people know as fact, as fantasy, and how the line is drawn in between. I have an MFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and I was raised on a new age international commune in Scotland called Findhorn.


2 brief stories about this piece. I have distributed 100 fortunes at Lapland Gallery, Glasgow (1997), and at Gallery 2 in Chicago (1999). People I have met months or years afterwards have told me that they saw the piece, and still kept the fortune, saving it on their mantle or in their favourite book. I imagine the continued travel of these objects, and the stories they collect. So far, this piece has been a live performance. At Lapland Gallery particularly, the audience response was remarkable. This was a show of multiple artwork. As the only free art in the show, my work was recieved with enthusiasm. As a performer, I have never experienced such a breakdown of formality between audience and viewer in a public space. When given the frame to understand artwork as a gift, an audience can be very generous themselves.


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