"Heart Time // Time heat" is a new kind of human mirror:

This mirror is dealing with new kind of time.
What should be universal time ?
the actual one regulated by GMT ?
But how this time may work if someone is travelling from Earth to Mars, or through universe toward another galaxy?

is this scale based on night and day may have a meaning in this context ?

I guess not ! so what is the solution ?

There is one: there is a specific dynamic time scale for each human.

This concepts is universal for all humans in all spaces and universes, just because the origin is the birth of the person and the end the death. I'm talking about heart time:

- each 'heart time' second is the heart bit
- each 'heart time' minute is the person heart pulse
- each 'heart time' hour is the person heart pulse number of heart minutes
- each 'heart time' day is 24 heart hours ?

So this clock may have a meaning for every person who uses, in all context: another galaxy, planet or countries .
Is it universal for all humans ?

on conceptual level: yes but on the other hands there will be a jet lag in between each human, this is a personnal time .

So we decided to create on the web this kind of human clock: everybody is able to put his actual pulse with his birthdate and his personnal clock will be generated on real time and will be saved on the website. Everybody by saving their own clock, will all together generate the community clock based on all clock average result.

Each person is able to generate several clock at different date and time, revealing the dynamism and relativuty of his basic own time cycle...

This piece is disconnectig time to space to connect time to human cycle, we try to connect time to personnal feeling on a very simple way .

"Heart Time // Time heat" est un nouveau type de miroir humain:

Ce miroir interagit avec un nouveau concept temporel.
Que devrait être le temps universel?
l'actuel régulé par le GMT ?

Mais comment pourrait il être mesuré si quelqu'un voyageait de la Terre vers Mars, ou dans l'univers en allant d'une galaxie à une autre ?

Est ce que cette échelle basée sur les nuits et les jours aurait un sens dans ce contexte ?

Je ne pense pas mais quelle serait la solution ?

Il en existe une: il y a une échelle temporelle spécifique à chaque être humain, ce concept est universel à l'espace humain dans tous les espaces physiques parce que l'origine de ce temps propre est la naissance, et la mort de l'individu. L'individu, l'être devient un cycle temporel unqiue et dynamique par ses cycles constitutifs. Je parle du temps cardiaque:

- chaque seconde cardiaque est l'intervalle entre chaque battement de coeur

- chaque minute cardiaque est le pouls de la personne: pour un pouls de 70 pulsations /minutes, 1 minute cardiaque representera 70 secondes cardiaques.

- chaque heure cardiaque est le pouls de la personne appliquée aux minutes cardiaques: soit pour un pouls de 70 pulsations cardiaques; 1 heure cardiaque represente 70 minutes cardiaques

- Chaque jour cardiaque represente 24 heures cardiaques
Alors cette horloge aurait elle un sens pour chacune des personnes l'utilisant en traversant des espaces physiques incomensurables ?

est elle un concept universel a tous les humains ?
sur le plan conceptuel, tres certainement ! mais d'un autre coté on a des decalages horaires entre chaque individu, c'est un temps personnel et relatif.

Alors chaque personne peut desormais saisir son pouls actuel avec sa date de naissance, et son horloge personnelle sera générée en temps reel et sera sauvegardée sur le site. Chaque personne en sauvegardant son horloge propre 'upgradera' une horloge globale moyenne de toutes les horloges enregistrées. Cette horloge moyenne represente le temps propre a la communauté participant a ce projet ...

Aussi chaque individu a également la possibilité de générer plusieurs horloges a différents moments, révélant le caractère relatif et dynamique du cycle constitutif de son temps propre.

Cette pièce deconnecte le temps de l'espace pour le connecter au cycle humain, nous essayons de connecter le temps a une perception individuelle par un moyen simple.




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A multitalented, bilingual creative project manager and successful artist, whose commercial work is recognized as one of the most innovative and profitable in the industry with more than 200,000 CD copies sold worldwide. Global recognition of artist ability resulted in more than 70 exhibitions worldwide over an eight-year period. Equally comfortable in commercial project management and in artistic endeavors, Valery is a fully rounded individual excelling in sports and has a diverse range of personal interests.

- Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France.
- Fond National d'Art Contemporain, FNAC, Paris, France.
- Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, USA.
- La Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, Paris, France.
- Centre d'art contemporain de St Fons, St Fons, France.
- ZKM Media museum (video), Karlsruhe, Germany.
- Carillo Gil Contemporary art museum, Mexico, Mexique.
- Le nouveau musée, l'institut d'art contemporain, Villeurbanne, France.

- April 27 - June 24: "Less Ordinary", a french art scene, collective show curated by Sungwon Kim. Artsonje center, Seoul. Korea.
- March 20 - 23: "Videoformes 2002", new media festival curated by Gabriel Soucheyre. Clermont Ferrand, France.
- March 18 - April 18: "Webpaintings", solo show, Incognito gallery, Paris, France.
- March 12: "fotofest biennial", live performance (1 DJ, 1 VJ) curated by Wendy Watriss and Fred Baldwin, Houston, USA.
- March 5,6, 7: "Whitney biennial project" initiated by Miltos Manetas and curated worldwild by Lev Manovich, Olivier Zham, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Michele Thurz, Magda Sawon and many others... New York, USA.
- March 1 - April 1: "New media line" , kanonmedia, Vienna, Austria.

- December 6 2001 - January 5 2002:"Multiple personalities" curated by Amy Davila and Mario Hergueta, Haines gallery, San Francisco, USA.
- November 5-6-7:"" curated by Miltos Manetas, Deitch project, Jeffrey Deitch gallery, New York, USA.
- November 3: "Texture and Urban Myth", curator: Galit Eliat, Israeli center for digital lab, Janco Dada Museum, Israel.
- October 16:No Memory book launching, copublished by Editions du Seuil, French ministry of culture and Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive. Librairie OFR, html show and screening party, Paris, France.
- September 15: Tirana Biennale, "' html show curated by Miltos Manetas, Tirana, Albania.
- September 15 - 20:"Verbal". Curator: Miltos Manetas, electronic orphanage, Los Angeles, USA.
- from September 3 : "1st of Java - Perspective on New Media" on curated by Agricola Cologne, Cologne, Germany.
- August 26 - September 29: "The Virtual mine" curated by Fevzi Konuk, Germany.
- April 28 - May 1: Art Cart and Station Rose at Franckfurt art fair, "webcast lounge" curated by Mario Hergueta with, Pavu, Mouchette, Takuji Kogo, Blank and Jeron and many others ... Franckfort, Germany.


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